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Saturday, 20 January 2018

Pen and ink workshop with SAA tutor Peter Robbins- Lindisfarne Castle

Picture supplied by Peter

Peter working on watercolour paper with a black pen.

 Peter's finished painting with simple watercolour washes.

I used my own photo which was taken in a similar position but giving more height to the Castle. I used a graphite ink pen for the castle and a quink fountain pen for the middle distance and the foreground. I should have drawn the closer posts after the washes were applied as the water caused the ink to run into the sky. But you learn from your mistakes.

Finished painting 200 lb Bockingford 15x11 inches.

Thursday, 18 January 2018

More collage work

 Staithes View to Mount Pleasant from a garden on the east side of Church Street. Watercolour, collage, ink and pen on Daler Rowney mixed media board. Did not take a watercolour wash very well but did give a glow to the tissue paper.

Staithes view from the Cowbar Nab to Church Street. Viewpoint out of bounds due to a landslip so I jumped over the fence- no problems with safety. Collage tissue paper and print from an art magazine, watercolour, pen and white acrylic. On 200 lb Bockingford paper 1/4 imperial.

 Same view in portrait on mixed media board with watercolour and pen. No collage as yet!

20 x 16 canvas board  with random tissue pieces of collage then pen and acrylic

Another view from Cowbar Nab looking down onto Staithes Beck.
20 x 16-inch canvas board with random collage tissue pieces then pen and white acrylic

Friday, 5 January 2018

York -Wed, Thur and Fri then Durham the next week

Visted the Nash Exhibition at the York Art Gallery

Lunch at the Railway Museum back back along the wall to Micklegate

Morning walk to the Shambles and Minster Gates

Walk along the Ouse and the Foss to the Minster

Durham in the snow