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Sunday, 3 December 2017

Joe Hush snow scene workshop at Lanchester Monday Art Group

 Joe demonstrating using a palette of ultramarine, light red, raw sienna, burnt sienna and burnt umber.

 Sky, background trees and foreground hedges.

Sheep, shepherd, dog and birds final touches.

My paintings

First is a made up scene and the second is from a sketch of the Cheviots from the Coquet Valley up to the middle distance with the track in the foreground made up. On the second painting an overall wash of red was applied to the whole paper before painting to warm up the scene- although it is not visible.

Sunday, 26 November 2017

Chester le Street art Society Autumn Exhibition 2017

CLS library from November 4th for one week.
I forgot the picture labels so I had to go home to collect them. I normally hang the pictures but left it to the others and when I returned everything was strung and in place.
I also managed to erase my photos before downloading so the photos below are courtesy of Anne Marie on her iPhone.

 There were 31 entries and we had 74 visitors who voted for the best picture which resulted in a tie for first place with Jan Graham- dog portrait, Peter Robbins- Staithes and Peter Robbins- Whitby who each received ten votes. ( shown with a white cross on the photos except for the Staithes painting).

Congratulations to Hazel Clark who sold her painting of Plockton- third photo top right.

Peter's painting of Staithes from our facebook page.

I missed the exhibition as we were having a weeks holiday in York.

Friday, 24 November 2017

Workshops with Claire Money at Deerness Art Group 12 Nov 2017

Claire did a pastel demo using Unison Pastels on bockingford not watercolour paper of a rural scene in North Yorkshire.
 The white paper was edged with masking tape and covered with red pastel and blended into the paper. Part way through the sky Claire added the branches then added the clouds each side branch in the centre- I am not sure if this was the right approach as made this area more prominent rather than sitting back in the distance.
The overall composition remined me photo taken with the maximum field of view making the hills look very small. I would have made the hills larger as they would appear if drawn insitu and moved the recogniseable peak of Roseberry into the focal point. I am not sure of the dark tree shadow in the foreground - too much towards black.

Groups work

My work
 The River Wear below Finchale Abbey

The Coombes Martindale near Ullswater Cumbria

Sketch books

Saturday, 11 November 2017

Workshop with pastel artist Fiona Carvell at Lanchester Monday Art group Oct 2017

First week
Fiona did a still life study with peppers and onion starting with the darks and then the lighter elements. She was using Unison Pastels.

 I choose to do a landscape based on one of my thumbnail sketches in Notebook 01

 Second week

Fiona demonstrated a beach scene near Dunbar.

This is one she did earlier. 

I did a beach scene at Dunbar looking towards Bass Rock.
I am still struggling with pastels.

Thursday, 26 October 2017


Bright morning at Paddy's Hole on the South Gare on Tees for the second days painting for Sky Arts. The pods were positioned looking over the green fishermens huts to the Teeside Steel Works while the wildcards were given the better view at the harbour- Paddy's Hole.
I positioned myself on the harbour wall looking to the other fishermens huts with steelworks as a backdrop and the North York Moors in the distance.

 The morning painting started with a watercolour wash then collage and ink work and acrylic for the highlights.

The afternoon painting show the boats and huts around to the left. The collage was done with the help of the daughter of the lady from Transylvania who helped me with the collage element and signed the lefthand side of the painting. I did the drawing and the acrylic highlights.
The lady  latter thanked me for getting daughter involved in art after her unsuccessful efforts.

The winner of the wildcards was Roy Carless from Hartlepool who in my opinion produced the best painting of the day including the pod artists.The judges kept referring to him on TV as ' chalky boatman'.

 Detail on Roy's painting.

I had a good time painting and meet some interesting artists but was disappointed that none of the judges or presenters spoke to me while last year everyone except Frank Skinner passed some comment.
Some photos from the day:-
 Windy on the top level.

 The lady from Transylvania with her daughter ( on the right ) my assistant for the afternoon.

 And finally me as I appeared on TV.

Monday, 9 October 2017

Staithes Festival 2017

Exhibited with six other artists in Room 10 at Trig point near the car parks at the top of Staithes Bank.

Sold four framed pictures and three pictures in mounts at 20x16 inch.


Small paintings

Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Paintings from random washes

Two 1/2 imperial sheets of SAA practise paper covered
in loose washes then cut in two and then painting subjects to fit.

                                    Snowdonia                                                                                                                                        High soaring birds

 Robin Hoods Bay New Road

Looking down on Rodin Hoods Bay
Both line and wash.

Friday, 11 August 2017

Saturday, 5 August 2017

Staithes looking down Church Street

Collage on paper using watercolour, paper tissue, black pen and acrylic.

Painting size 15 x 11 inches
Picture comes with double mount size 20 x 16 inches and simple black frame with acrylic window ( for posting) at a price £160.
Price without the frame with the mount is £130.
Postage included in price for shipment in the UK.
Contact :-

Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Watercolour workshop at Rothbury

Tissue added to the foreground.
1- Graduated sky wash to the tissue paper of cobalt blue with light red and Naples yellow. Then raw sienna and blues and purple. Black ink and granulation medium added to the tissue area.
2-  Painted sea, then the castle, the houses and finally the trees. Painted field to define the top of the wall on the left and wall on the right dark against the field.
3- Added more colour to the field and added some grasses this side of the wall.

Cling film used for texture in the foreground - same colours.

Paintings by ladies on the course.