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Monday, 9 October 2017

Staithes Festival 2017

Exhibited with six other artists in Room 10 at Trig point near the car parks at the top of Staithes Bank.

Sold four framed pictures and three pictures in mounts at 20x16 inch.


Small paintings

Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Paintings from random washes

Two 1/2 imperial sheets of SAA practise paper covered
in loose washes then cut in two and then painting subjects to fit.

                                    Snowdonia                                                                                                                                        High soaring birds

 Robin Hoods Bay New Road

Looking down on Rodin Hoods Bay
Both line and wash.

Friday, 11 August 2017

Saturday, 5 August 2017

Staithes looking down Church Street

Collage on paper using watercolour, paper tissue, black pen and acrylic.

Painting size 15 x 11 inches
Picture comes with double mount size 20 x 16 inches and simple black frame with acrylic window ( for posting) at a price £160.
Price without the frame with the mount is £130.
Postage included in price for shipment in the UK.
Contact :-

Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Watercolour workshop at Rothbury

Tissue added to the foreground.
1- Graduated sky wash to the tissue paper of cobalt blue with light red and Naples yellow. Then raw sienna and blues and purple. Black ink and granulation medium added to the tissue area.
2-  Painted sea, then the castle, the houses and finally the trees. Painted field to define the top of the wall on the left and wall on the right dark against the field.
3- Added more colour to the field and added some grasses this side of the wall.

Cling film used for texture in the foreground - same colours.

Paintings by ladies on the course.

Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Collage workshop at Corbridge Tuesday 13 June 2017

Workshop at the Corbridge Parish Hall, St Helen’s Street organised by Katy who I had met previously at Rothbury Coquetdale Art Gallery. Ten members attended the workshop which lasted from 10 until  3 with Judith having to leave early so I have no photo of her work.
The work consisted of drawing the image of Staithes and covering the work with a watercolour wash to kill the white of the paper. Collage of tissue paper, dress making patterns and newsprint were added to the painting then the drawing enhanced with black pen work. Subsequent washes of watercolour were added to definite the buildings. Finally, white acrylic was used to bring out the highlights. 
We had two images to work from, one showing the buildings across the footbridge from Cowbar in perspective and the other showing a stylised profile with no perspective of the same view.

My paintings
 This painting was completed at the workshop and left with the group.

This one was started at the workshop and completed at home.

 Members Work









Thursday, 8 June 2017

Watercolour Workshop with Joe Hush at Lanchester Monday Art Group

Ten nil three with a break for lunch.

Joe's initial sketch and finished painting done in stages with the sky, trees, foreground, background and finally sheep.
 Charcoal sketch

Finished painting of Northumberland countryside.

My painting using by my sketch and his tree colours.

Oak Howe Farm in Great Langdale

Also finished a painting of the Langdale Pikes from Wise Een Tarn. 

Sunday, 7 May 2017

Chester le Street Art Exhibition Public Vote

Tie for first place with three paintings receiving 6 votes. Placing decided on total votes each artist received for their submitted paintings.

Winner Doug Stevenson for FENG HUANG with 13 votes

 Second place Malcolm Coils with NANNY LANE TROUTBECK with 11 votes

 Third place with 9 votes was Peter Robbins with WHITBY

Poor attendance only 39 visitors all week but there was limited opening times due to library commitments on renting out the room.

Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Chester le Street Spring Exhibition 2017

Photos were taken with Samsung phone- poor quality.

 You Jin - Scenery and Landscape

 Beth Wyer- Staithes and Bilsdale North Yorkshire

 Beth Wyer- Staithes and Robin Hoods Bay

 Peter Robbins- Still Life x 2

 Peter Robbins- David Bowie and Whitby

 George Levitt- Robin Hoods Bay and Tanfield Railway

 George Levitt- Staithes x 2

 Malcolm Coils- Patterdale and Nanny Lane Troutbeck

 Malcolm Coils- Thro the trees and Dales Farm

Anne Marie Brierley- Derwent Water and North Yorkshire

 Hazel Clark- Kepier Hospital and Fenrother Northumberland

Maria Harland - Irish Cottage and Hazel Clark - Walthwaite Farm

 Jan Graham - Flowers and Maria Harland - Roses and Lilies

 Maria Harland - St Marys Lighthouse and Highland Deer

Doug Stevenson- Chin Strap and Huangshan

 Doug Stevenson- Smiling Child and Feng Huang

Olive Norwood - Spring and Summer

 Olive Norwood - Autumn and Winter