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Sunday, 7 May 2017

Chester le Street Art Exhibition Public Vote

Tie for first place with three paintings receiving 6 votes. Placing decided on total votes each artist received for their submitted paintings.

Winner Doug Stevenson for FENG HUANG with 13 votes

 Second place Malcolm Coils with NANNY LANE TROUTBECK with 11 votes

 Third place with 9 votes was Peter Robbins with WHITBY

Poor attendance only 39 visitors all week but there was limited opening times due to library commitments on renting out the room.

Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Chester le Street Spring Exhibition 2017

Photos were taken with Samsung phone- poor quality.

 You Jin - Scenery and Landscape

 Beth Wyer- Staithes and Bilsdale North Yorkshire

 Beth Wyer- Staithes and Robin Hoods Bay

 Peter Robbins- Still Life x 2

 Peter Robbins- David Bowie and Whitby

 George Levitt- Robin Hoods Bay and Tanfield Railway

 George Levitt- Staithes x 2

 Malcolm Coils- Patterdale and Nanny Lane Troutbeck

 Malcolm Coils- Thro the trees and Dales Farm

Anne Marie Brierley- Derwent Water and North Yorkshire

 Hazel Clark- Kepier Hospital and Fenrother Northumberland

Maria Harland - Irish Cottage and Hazel Clark - Walthwaite Farm

 Jan Graham - Flowers and Maria Harland - Roses and Lilies

 Maria Harland - St Marys Lighthouse and Highland Deer

Doug Stevenson- Chin Strap and Huangshan

 Doug Stevenson- Smiling Child and Feng Huang

Olive Norwood - Spring and Summer

 Olive Norwood - Autumn and Winter

Wednesday, 12 April 2017

St Abbs 2

Two black ink drawing on 20 x 16 inch canvas drawn early on Wednesday and Thursday morning sitting on the harbour just after the sun rose.
Sketch on 20 x 16 board drawn from a photo.

Tissue paper added then watercolour which was then washed off  and acrylic highlights applied.
Acrylic added to first drawing at the Deerness Art group on Sunday. More work required- people and seagulls to add.

Thumb nail sketches in ballpoint pen

Sunday, 9 April 2017

Week in St Abbs Berwickshire Scotland

Started keeping a diary with thumbnail sketches done in Biro instead of the detail pencil drawings      ( although I did do 4 pencil drawings).

Saturday walk into St Abbs and Sunday walk passed the lighthouse anti clockwise.

Two pencil drawings on the lighthouse walk

Friday, 7 April 2017

Workshop with Judy Hirst - Lanchester Thursday Art Group

Painting on supplied paper and mount for a window size of 4.5 x 6 inches. Light weight paper which buckled on applying the first washes. The designs of Lindisfarne birds added using black and graphite pens and coloured.
I was not sure about using the gold leaf on the painting because last year's effort was a failure because I used the gold as a positive shape and if did not look right.
I decided to use the gold as a negative shape behind the birds which I think worked out ok.
Golden sands Lindisfarne

Last year's effort using gold leaf.

Saturday, 4 March 2017

Painting with Gouache

 Working with three colours of gouache after a demo from Andy Taylor on the subject.
 Andy initial washes.

"Scottish Garden"

 Colour blocks painted with 1/2 in flat nylon flat brush

 Washed under the tap to soften the colour- I liked the way the Prussian blue had run in the bottom left corner to create a possible sky and water.
Elevation view of Charles Remmie Mackintosh's of Hill House with his stylised roses added to the foreground. Painted weak white acrylic to soft the colour in the house.

Second attempt trying to let the blue paint the landscape. Some brown added to near piece of land.

 Ran the painting under the tap to wash out the blue and let it run from the mountains down into the lake then sprayed the mountains to run into the sky and blotted the clouds with kitchen roll. This was on an unstretched sheet of 200 lb Bockingford not paper which bowed resulting in some uneven marks in the foreground. Timing is critical as some of the wetter marks washed out completely.

Sponged out the water and added ripples and repainted the main peak.
"Langdale Pikes from Windermere"
May add some near foreground with stream entering the lake?

Another go on 1/4 imperial sheet using a flat brush with a ruler to create the ripples