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Saturday, 4 March 2017

Painting with Gouache

 Working with three colours of gouache after a demo from Andy Taylor on the subject.
 Andy initial washes.

"Scottish Garden"

 Colour blocks painted with 1/2 in flat nylon flat brush

 Washed under the tap to soften the colour- I liked the way the Prussian blue had run in the bottom left corner to create a possible sky and water.
Elevation view of Charles Remmie Mackintosh's of Hill House with his stylised roses added to the foreground. Painted weak white acrylic to soft the colour in the house.

Second attempt trying to let the blue paint the landscape. Some brown added to near piece of land.

 Ran the painting under the tap to wash out the blue and let it run from the mountains down into the lake then sprayed the mountains to run into the sky and blotted the clouds with kitchen roll. This was on an unstretched sheet of 200 lb Bockingford not paper which bowed resulting in some uneven marks in the foreground. Timing is critical as some of the wetter marks washed out completely.

Sponged out the water and added ripples and repainted the main peak.
"Langdale Pikes from Windermere"
May add some near foreground with stream entering the lake?

Another go on 1/4 imperial sheet using a flat brush with a ruler to create the ripples

Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Cumbrian cottages and farms

 Nanny Lane Troutbeck Cumbria
Watercolour  on Bockingford not paper

 Troutbeck Farm from B&W photo
Brown ink drawn with kebab stick and watercolour added.

 Another painting of Nanny Lane Troutbeck concentrating on the lane as a lead in.

 Demonstration painting using plastic film to mask the building to allow for a loose watercolour approach using cling film and salt to create texture.

 Long Mere Yeat Troutbeck Cumbia
Watercolour on Bockingford not paper

Coniston Cottages
Saunders Waterford HP paper

Saturday, 11 February 2017

Bright colour and black lines

 Sennen Cove



Staithes Church Street

Watercolour demo at Chester-le-Street Arts Society

White Knight watercolour paints on bockingford  200 lb not paper textured with cling film and salt then black lines added and then dark added.

Saturday, 10 December 2016

Last four exhibtions of 2016

Lanchester Thursday Art Group Saturday 15th and Sunday 16th October 2016.
8 paintings but only 6 fitted on to the board and other two I was kindly allowed to exhihit on the front stage.
Chester le Street Autumn Exhibition 

Last four are my entries. 
The exhibition from 5th November 2016 for a week in the Durham County Library in Chester le Street.
Low Fell - Brush with Art on the 19th and 20th November 2016 at St Helens Church


Durham Botanic Gardens for 3 weeks from 1st December to the 23rd December in the Tea Room.

30 paintings hung in less than an hour- all previously strung and labelled. 

A busy couple of months. 

Friday, 11 November 2016

Sky Arts Landscape Painter of the Year 2016

I took part in the competition as a wildcard entry on 22 June at Wray Castle on the banks of Windermere in the Lake District. We met with for registration at Waterhead Ambleside and then travelled by boat to Wray Castle.

I positioned myself at the top of the designated painting area to view the Langdale Pikes and the Castle. Nearly all the 50 wildcard entrants painted across the lake to the Fairfield Horseshoe. Eight selected artists were positioned in the pods looking towards the Castle with three judges artist Tai Shan Schierenberg, independent curator Kathleen Soriano and art historian Kate Bryan. .

The four hour painting period started at 9.30 and I started two paintings of the same view to Langdale Pikes- one on Saunders Waterford and one on Bockingford- this was to stop me fiddling with a wet wash.

 Saunders Waterford


After the lunch break I did a collage of the castle using newsprint, coloured tissue paper and acrylic. I even stuck some of the buttercups on to the foreground.
The winner of the wildcards who chosen by Tai Shan Schierenberg was James Cope who I had met while waiting for the boat and he introduced me to his girlfriend during the lunch break who was painting in the pods.
James Cope winning picture show the artists painting with Fairfield Horseshoe as a backdrop.

All three judges passed comments on my work and commentator Joan Bakewell also commented while we saw little of Frank Skinner.

 Kathleen Soriano did a piece to camera with me painting the Langdales- well actually two as the first missed out the bling she had on her wrists.

Weather stayed sunny but cool all day and while waiting for the bus back to Ambleside I did sketched the view to Windermere from the picnic tables at the Castle. Filming was still going on to choose the heat winner when we left.

Back in cottage at Staveley, where we were staying for the week, surveying the days work with the wristband on the fireside tools.

Overall an excellent days painting and I met some interesting painters both amateur and profession.

Sunday, 6 November 2016

Chester le Street Autumn Exhibition 2016

Beth Wyer and Peter Robbins

George Levitt and Malcolm Coils

Olive Norwood and Michael McManus

Jan Graham, Maria Harland and Hazel Clark

Exhibition at Chester le Street Library runs from Saturday 5th November to Saturday 12th November showing work from most of our members in watercolour, acrylic, pastel and graphite. The Exhibition is open most days.

Monday, 3 October 2016

Staithes Art Festival 2016

Friday 9th September
Drove from home to Staithes and set up my art display in Trig Point, the former dining room at the top of the village.
Exhibiting with 6 other artist clockwise from the main entrance:-
  1. Anne Ward
  2. Jane Mercer
  3. Dennis Rodall
  4. Malcolm Coils
  5. James McGairy
  6. Sarah McKenzie
Ready for the preview night so we went to the cottage where we were staying at the former railway station waiting room at Liverton Mines near Loftus.